Recruit with Clarity

Recruiting with clarity starts with understanding why you are taking on extra staff, and knowing exactly what it is you are expecting them to bring to the organisation. This should tie in closely with your overall vision for the company. Having both of these things clearly articulated will not only help candidates to understand the role, but also the kind of brand and culture you would like to create or already have.

You need to have a firm overview of the role you are creating. Take some time to write out all the tasks and responsibilities you would like your potential employee to undertake. Read it over and make sure you are creating realistic targets for your employee; it can be tempting to try and give them too much responsibility, especially as a small business.

In larger company environments, the structure helps in this process. However, in small-scale environments, often employees have a greater level of autonomy, so it is important that candidates are self-motivated and do not require a great deal of micro-management. Also, while you will define the boundaries of the role on paper, it is normal for an employee in start-up or SME company environments to help out in areas beyond their immediate “job”.

It takes a certain type of person to thrive in these smaller environments, and taking the time to understand personality preferences during the hiring process can help to ensure you recruit right first time.

By analysing each of the candidates for the role, you can narrow down which personality best matches the values and qualities you require for your organisation. You are going to be spending a lot of time together, will clash at times, disagree, face challenges with tight resources and so you better be the right fit for those circumstances and situations.

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