First hires and setting company culture

Making your first hire is a unique scenario as it sets the foundation for the future working standards of your entire company. For your business to succeed, it is essential that you are able to successfully translate your own goals and targets into an ongoing culture for your employees.

Having great people in our organisation can be your most valuable asset; that is why it is vital you take every measure to ensure you recruit the right person.

The process of bringing employees into a growing business is unquestionably exciting; however it can also be a time of increased anxiety and uncertainty.

There are so many things to consider when taking on you first recruit and the majority of advice for start-ups focuses on practical things like the legal implications, salary, job description and working space.

However, it is also crucially important to consider the less tangible questions. Here a couple to get you thinking.

Will my employee understand the brand I am trying to create?

Will they be a good ambassador for my company’s culture and beliefs?

Do they have the potential to fit with, support, nurture or lead other early employees?

In future posts, we will help you navigate those intangible aspects hiring managers should consider when considering expanding the team.

Jobshape can provide a lens into some if these areas, and help minimise the costly mistakes of building early teams.

Start the upward growth spiral

Putting sufficient time and effort into your first hire is vitally important. Remember that setting the tone and culture for your organisation is every bit as significant as the technical skills they possess. It is an incredibly exciting time for any start-up business, however, it is essential to remain diligent and be absolutely certain you have made the best decision for your company.

If you get your first hire right, it can begin a positive spiral that can act as the impetus for your company’s success. Subsequent employees will then feed off the attitude and culture that you and your first recruit have created. Keep a healthy balance between skills and attitude and you will be heading in the right direction